How and Why to buy on this site

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This site is updated with my newest videos!

The  same day the video is posted it will have an original sale discount just for the fact of being exclusively here.

This is the best moment to buy.

After that it will  go to my other clip sites.

Bare in mind that this site will always have the best prices.Always and that is guaranteed, basically because all the earnings are for Me.

Everytime you buy in another clip site they keep 60% of what you pay.

Be wise and give Me more, and save more to spend more.

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What happens when I purchase a clip?

you will receive an email with a link so you can download your purchase.

additionally you will be able to have your videos for one week on your account.

What will appear on my credit card summary?

CCBILL will keep the name of this site discreetly “studio shine”

Are there any kind of vidoes you do not do?

I dont do any requested nudity videos, no brutality, or race play.No blood real or fake .

Can I post the videos I buy on other sites if I ask you for permission? 

Videos are only for you personal use.

Where can I find the video I just purchased?

The video you just purchased should be on the email you used before buying it.

It will contain the link so you can downlod it.

Please download it as fast as you can.

If you cant find it , check on your spam folder!!!

If its not there just email Me or slave mia so Wwe can send you the file with your order details.

Here is  a video on how to buy on My clip shop

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