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Boot and Glove connection

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Reina walks in, with her sexy leather business outfit. 
She is completely decked in leather, including her hands which are coated in long leather gloves. Reina slowly takes off her jacket 
to show you her sexy crisp blouse and her long gloves. 
She opens up her sleeves to show you that her gloves go past the elbow. Then the camera slowly pans down to her boots. 

Reina taps her boots. knowing they are the scariest and sexiest boots out there - 
she comments it has a pointy toe, super high stiletto, jet black and a long zipper. 
She knows that you want to see how high they go. Reina knows that because of her sexy outfit and shirt her boots perfectly make up her outfit combination.

As Reina puts back her jacket on, she seductively lifts her pants to reveal more of that sexy boot -
oh my gosh - her boots go way up the knee. She lets out a sexual sigh of relief as she has gotten to show her extra-long boots.
 Then she tries to pull it up even more, showing it goes higher than a regular over-the-knee boot. 
Her sigh is even more sexual as if she exerted something really sexy.

Standing up, Reina holds her pant leg up to show you a complete view of her tall boots under her pants - in all its glory.
 Then she slowly lets the pants down, hiding the boot again while making more seductive noises. 
She then teases you, making you want to see her pants more. Reina knows that you want to swap her pants with a seductive skirt, so she gracefully changes it,
 taking her jacket off along the way.

After she changes it... oh my days, her boots go way up her skirt, even through the split. 
Her legs are just packed tight with black-booted paradise. Reina gives you a close-up of that split, making you beg for more. 
Even lifting her skirt up won't show the end of the boots. You then think of another idea which is to look up her skirt. Reina gracefully accepts. 
even looking up you see it's completely black leather.
 She then says in a sexy voice, "That's because my boots... are connected with my gloves". Absolutely astounded by that realisation she packs up,
 puts her jacket on and leaves the room.
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