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Shiny Obsessing Serum

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Finally we have a moment for ourselves. I married your father but as a matter of fact  now Im more interested in you. Especailly after finding out that you give me those pervy looks . The eyes go directly to my precious legs and their shine. I can hear you salivate slowly for the power and the image I project. Today is your oportunity to come closer and have a talk about this, and obviously I will tell you how we will do it. Im your guidance. Ill show you how to do everything to make you do perfect good job.Do not be shy. I jsut want you to feel better.I want you to feel relaxed and It will be even better when you try the serum,s ome little sprays and it will do miracles over you. it will make you so addicted to these nylon legs that will want to stay right between my thighs as you incontrolably get aroused until that lovely edge . Very naughty indeed.    

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