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I simply love when you fake you must stay home working just to watch me and be my play thing. It is exciting to knwo the things you would tolerate for me. I know you dont like pain but you would take it for will be asked to put your face on my lap and stay there as I am pleased. you will be able getting the aroma form my skirt, nylon legs and my warm critch but nothing else, NO PERMISSION TO TOUCH OR LICK ANYTHING. I will  make sure you behave as I threaten you with my leather tawse. The goal is that you follow all my instructions and fear the menace  of my presence and of my pain object.   At the end of this video I offer you the shine of my legs so you touch that cock  and  orgasm only under strict orgasm control.   #ankleboots #bootfetish #ultrashinypantyhose leatherfetish #upskirt    

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