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Getting ready to take a shower


  When I want to take a shower, this is what I do : Grab a pair of the shinniest pants, get a pair of shoes, a silky blouse with no bra, and then wrap myself with a jacket, graba towel and then I hit the road !!! The water runs slowly from the mottom part of My body, all the way up. I move slowly and make My satin shirt wet, moisty as well as My tousers. These pvc pockets on the back of My pants want to burst as I fill them with water the same as Myt highs since I put the shower head between My zipper feeling the intenseflow of the water. Its so fun and erotic. When I make sure all My body is wet I continue using the soap and scrub myself. I end up putting the leather jacket again and then wash My hair. Before I finsih I invite you to join Me. would you ?   14:56 455 MB MP4 HD 1080

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