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Category: Wet & Messy


  She chooses a nice dress a pair of sandals to celebrate, perfect for the ocassion. She chooses the tighest, and finsihes with a leather jacket, so she can get very soaky on it.She wants it to be, a purple spandex dress, which will be getting wet slowly, little by little as she moves the […]



  When I want to take a shower, this is what I do : Grab a pair of the shinniest pants, get a pair of shoes, a silky blouse with no bra, and then wrap myself with a jacket, graba towel and then I hit the road !!! The water runs slowly from the mottom […]



Spring is coming and nothing better than a refreshing shower. A pvc clad girl under the rays of cold water over the plastic skin looks amazing.This is a good video for lovers of pvc getting wet. Enjoy the lovely sounds under the shower as she shows her perfect  figure.   11:44 483 MB MP4 HD […]




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