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Brainwash for Blackmail fantasy : change the chip


This video is an pratical way to start a new life. It's one of the best blackmail fantasy videos Ive done. you feel things are going wrong, you tend to fail in many aspects of your live and I will improve you. It has been happening because you have not been under My control. To start I want you to send Me your confidential information including your passport and passwords to control your finances and know you better. This video si an alt control supreme to the bad habits and negatives thoughts you have been carrying on your back. Give in and feel carefree with My therapy, feel how I go deeper and deeper. I list a number of things I will do to you, but only if you decide to give that step forward for me, so come in and step in to My realm of brain wash fantasy and black mail state of Mind. Send Me your custom requests to My private website 11:39 218 MB MP4 HD 1080

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