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Riding your face

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I enter the room with my long leather coat , my riding boots and I welcome you. At the next second I command you to Crawl to Me slave. I tower above you as you are on your knees before Me. I am going to allow you the honour of worshiping My beautiful leather look have been wanting this for a long time and it is the best present for holidays and the perfect punishment at the same time. I open my maxi coat to let you see all my beautiful legs wrapped and then the magical power if evident, I tease you and let you my shiny butt and then I conquer you by facesitting you.Also feel the the smell of my sweety skin when I pull the boot zippers down.This flat boots are your weekness. your nostrils will be trapped  and the flow of air will be limited  you will feel the weright of my body all over your face , my cheeks over your cheeks warming them up. Tell Me how much you desire My leather ass against your lips and I will smother you until I am pleased. I gather my coat wear it again  and give you instructions for chores to do.  

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