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Tag: Flat boots


This video brings a sensual boot game where the slave and the Mistress fall into a delicious boot over boot interaction. This video is perfect for boot fetishist who like legs and foot wrapped and tangled. There’s a special chemistry between their bodies and their boots that you can even smell it. There’s leather caressing, […]


The crushin cars hunters gif

you find Me in Our step-son’s bedroom trying to organize the toys, when I discover the sound of plastic cars under my boots. I start playing with them, first very slowly and then it increases. Sudendly I come over you to give you the boot job of Our lives. Back shots of my Levi’s 501 […]


The Extreme intoxicating gif

Slavegirl Mia is the subject of an experiment, her smelling skills will be tested. What she doesn’t know is that she will be given subliminal messages as she is smelling and it will finally make her fall into my mental net. Different boots and will be used until she falls completely into trance and submission. […]


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