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DirtyDick Extraction III - Collared Up


  After bringing you to My extraction laboratory and a long time in chastity, you are in My presence. Come and sit up now boy, watch the flickering of my shiny wellies also the round perfect shape of My leather bottom. Pull your zipper down and stay alert ! Red alert as I watch My apron. I grab what belongs to Me now and find out you are ready for a new extraction day, how I happy I get !!! Feel the touch of My leatherĀ  gloved hand. I am commited to grab you and estimulate you, masturbate you and make you cum. I am protected with My rubber gloves now, yes a doubel layer of gloves and and this professinal apron I bought especially for you. Everything combined with the powerfull collar up and My firm but lovely voice will give you some instructions on how to masturbate for Me. Are you prepared to feel My hand ? are you prepared to give Me your male juice ? you estamina product ? My sweet milk the one I have been building up for all this time. I want it ! all ! do not dare to spray it on My face and if you do you shall be punished somehow. I want it on My body over this apron,shoot it now to play with it.   18:51 495 MB MP4 HD 1080

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