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Tag: Yellow rubber gloves

Masturbation Protection 400 gif

Milking you is not an easy task nor a clean one thats why I need to protect myself. My goal is to find your dirty secrets, putting myhand deep inside your hole. Deep inside your darkness. I will start by wearing my household gloves, in yellow color, and then squeeze your testicles, and with the […]



  After bringing you to My extraction laboratory and a long time in chastity, you are in My presence. Come and sit up now boy, watch the flickering of my shiny wellies also the round perfect shape of My leather bottom. Pull your zipper down and stay alert ! Red alert as I watch My […]



Day two of your extraction, DIRTYDICK ! I feel like gagging you today in the intimacy of this laboratory. I am so obsessed for extracting your cum, DIRTYDICK ! Zipper your pants down, and I grab what belongs to Me now. Feel the touch of My RUBBER GLOVED hand. Wank as I show you My […]


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