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  After bringing you to My extraction laboratory and a long time in chastity, you are in My presence. Come and sit up now boy, watch the flickering of my shiny wellies also the round perfect shape of My leather bottom. Pull your zipper down and stay alert ! Red alert as I watch My […]


Extractionroomday3samples - gif

POV Scene : Reina is a dominatrix who’s job it is to extract my semen. She keeps Me and tied me up and has spent the last month stimulating my penis with a vibrator, every day for an entire month, NOT letting me cum. Just building up my orgasm for 30 days, with NO release, […]


The Extreme Milking coats gif

Custom Video-No name mentioning 5 coats pvc and leather Leather long skirt (can be leather or pvc/or vinyl) Boots Hair down You walk in the room wearing a leather (or pvc or vinyl) skirt, and your polka-dot raincoat. you take off your panties under your skirt, stuff them in my mouth, and tease me. You […]


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