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Extreme Milking : 5 coats



Custom Video-No name mentioning
5 coats pvc and leather
Leather long skirt (can be leather or pvc/or vinyl)
Hair down

You walk in the room wearing a leather (or pvc or vinyl) skirt, and your polka-dot raincoat. you take off your panties under your skirt, stuff them in my mouth, and tease me. You pull down your coat halfway, then put the coat back on and tell me you’re angry with me for always touching myself.
The rest of the video you sit right in front of me, touching my penis and saying you’re going to milk me until I’m crying from too much cumming ! you take off my chastity device (you put this on a week ago so I can’t cum until now). You squirt lube on my penis, and begin stroking me, fast ! intense ! look me in the eyes, dirty talking, jerking me off, then you make a countdown, counting from 10-1. I MUST cum when you arrive at 1. I do cum, and you laugh because my torment is only beginnig.

You then take off your coat in front of me, and put on the black pvc trench, and do the same milking and then countdown.
Then change to the blue pvc raincoat, and the same thing with milking countdown.
Then change into red leather trench coat and again the same.

Each time you milk me, you tease me and stroke me for at least a couple minutes, before doing the countdown.
Each countdown you look me in the eyes, as you say I only live for YOUR hand. Only your hand can disperse pleasure, smiling as you count down.
At the end, you tell me you’re going to put me back in chastity, and I’m not going to cum again for 1 month. After 1 month, we will do this same milking again !

22 minutes
567 MB
MP4 HD 1080


I am not around at the moment.I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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