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Extraction Room


POV Scene :
Reina is a dominatrix who's job it is to extract my semen. She keeps Me and tied me up and has spent the last month stimulating my penis with a vibrator, every day for an entire month, NOT letting me cum. Just building up my orgasm for 30 days, with NO release, until TODAY !
She walks into the room, wearing long leather skirt and draping her black leather coat over her arm. She puts on her coat and tells me that my balls must be full of cum, not being able to ejaculate for 30 days, teasing every day, etc...
She walks over to my bed, I'm tied so tight, cannot move, and she lifts up the leather/vinyl sheet that's across my body, and she places me hand underneath the sheet and starts wanking me under the sheet
She wanks me mercilessly and then she ORDERS ME TO CUM saying many times "cum now!" until I explode so much semen under the sheet. She scoops it up with a cup, then leaves the room.
She comes back wearing her second outfit, this time wearing her red leather coat, and walks over and again wanks me under the sheet .
I ejaculate a second time after she again orders me to cum, and she leaves the room then comes back wearing her red pvc coat, and does the same thing, for a 3rd time.
17:47 508 MB MP4 HD 1080

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