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Tag: Glove fetish

Glove wankingshop

Today is the first day you will see her do this. your boss wearing her usual pencil skirt tight and revealing and as she doe turns around you see her erection. A big bulge under that authentic leather? wow, you need to see more. As each second passes she give youra bit more teasing until […]


wellies frenzy 400 gif

These shiny boots  need more polishing, so I need you here, right here. Get ready to do the job you love the most, the one you desire with all your heart.I move the ankles, see? To let them catch more light. I know its your weakness boy. I really know it. Oper wide and offer […]



  we meet at the studio, happy and relaxed wearing a body suit. Eachof us fetch for some leather and the party begins when we show all our viewers how to wear a perfect leather outfit. We add layer after layer beginning for our sexy leather pants, a leather jacket, leather coat and gloves ! […]


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