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Scary surgeon


October 31st your surgery has been scheduled for today. Everything is ready, clean and the staff is ready for you and you laying down. I am Dr. Reina and I will be leading and in charge of you today so do not worry just breathe and relax. Unfortunetly there has been a change of plans: instead of the scheduled operationI will be administrating  you a serum, for you to sniff  where you will feel extremely aroused, insanely hard but with a small twist, things will be different as they normally go with your genitals, it will be all the opposite . During the process things become very confusing for you, the mind is woozy and you start having a vision, a black  Erotic woman appears but it could be just an illusion, COULD IT BE REAL? no, impossible. An erotic deity, an evil witch, who is her? Wearing a black  outfit, alluring and shining, she climbs on top of you and seduces you making it worse and worse for can not hold it, theres nothing you can do because you are just unable to move, you can just watch and accept your fate . She makes you a victim  nothing but a stiff package in the bed. At the end your Doctor Reina  appears again making you even more ocnfused if what you saw was real or not.   #thighhighboots #shinyfetish #pantyhose #pvcbra #powerfulwoman #leathercoat #longleathercoat

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