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The revenge of Catwoman : orgasm denied


you decided to tie Catwoman, just for fun, ignoring that she is invicible, forgeting her boots close to Her and you forgot that a single touch to her thigh high boots would make her powerful again. How dare you !!!? Tie and gag her ? Seriously !!!? She is furious and she threatens to finish you off, literally, if You stop masterbating for Her. In this video you will be denied to orgasm, gooned, kept floating in the limbo between living and having your final orgasm. A new technique. She you to do it and makes you stay in an infinitte loop. Yes, you canĀ“t finish or it will be La petite Mort. POV VIDEO IN SPANDEX CATSUIT THIGH HIGH BOOTS, MASK, GLOVES AND LONG LEATHER COAT.   9 minutes 340 MB MP4 HD 1080

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