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Category: Spandex


  She chooses a nice dress a pair of sandals to celebrate, perfect for the ocassion. She chooses the tighest, and finsihes with a leather jacket, so she can get very soaky on it.She wants it to be, a purple spandex dress, which will be getting wet slowly, little by little as she moves the […]


The Erotic Black Magic

The JOURNEY STARTS NOW ! The black magic seductress will take you thru unwalked paths, making you discover your true self. Blow the candle and it will begin : your new life. you are craving. Addicted. Completely to Me. you need Me to feed your addiction, to fill your craving. And I will… But, I […]


The BrainWashing to drain

Brainwashing you takes Me to the beginning of an exciting journey for Uus. I use my lips, my body to mind control you, every time. I look at your eyes and you feel how I consume your energy and let you bounded, used, helpless. It is time to drain you and see how my mind […]




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