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Tag: Spandex catsuit

The Magia Erótica

Hoy la magia consiste en vestirte femeninamente. Vas a usar todo lo que doy y en esta sesión te voy a convertir en lo que yo quiera. Una zorra, una mágica hermosa perra transvestida a mi antojo. Te haré camniar delante de Mí y luego voy a follarte todo tus agujeros, uno a uno. Date […]


The revenge of Catwoman - orgasm denied (gif)

you decided to tie Catwoman, just for fun, ignoring that she is invicible, forgeting her boots close to Her and you forgot that a single touch to her thigh high boots would make her powerful again. How dare you !!!? Tie and gag her ? Seriously !!!? She is furious and she threatens to finish […]


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