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Spicy Platanito

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First Scene :  Nella Shine and Reina leather eat a bag of platanitos, fried platains  in front of the camera. They are salty, sour and very spicy, but they like it. Watch how the mouch and taste them. Nella and Reina are feeling evil today and they obviously will use you to have even more fun amd their idea is to put some spicy sauce on the head of your cock or some tabasco and see how you squirm. They are feeling sadistic tonight.   Second scene : They find a toy around the house and use it as if it were you. They laugh at you and you just burn in humilliation and pain. Its very spicy   Third scene : They finish you off by wanking you between their leather legs and have you orgasm inside the bag of platanitos and then have you eat it all.   if you want to play fully we recommend you to have a bag of a spicy snack or tabasco with you... and follow along IF YOU DARE !!!!!!!   10:20 255 MB MP4 HD 1080

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