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Category: Female Domination


  This is a very peculiar class romm . After finding out that Isabella Shine has been loosing class time and bringing an extremely short skirt , Teacher Mistress Reina takes advantage to use her for her own fun. First she makes her bend over and check her upskirt  and spanks  her white round ass, […]



First Scene :  Nella Shine and Reina leather eat a bag of platanitos, fried platains  in front of the camera. They are salty, sour and very spicy, but they like it. Watch how the mouch and taste them. Nella and Reina are feeling evil today and they obviously will use you to have even more […]



Nella and I walk towards the sofa to sit down and they are ready to have a moment with you of fun and tigh leather perversion. Wearing the tighest leggins, Nella starts smoking and I ask her to blow it right on your face. I want you totally consumed by our beauty. She lets  the […]


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