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Double Tight leggins, four boots and some smoke



Nella and I walk towards the sofa to sit down and they are ready to have a moment with you of fun and tigh leather perversion.

Wearing the tighest leggins, Nella starts smoking and I ask her to blow it right on your face. I want you totally consumed by our beauty.

She lets  the smoke penetrate yor nostrils as you see both of Us showing our identical boots over the sofa.

The teasing increases when I touch her hand, boot and  leggings. you can’t do it. (laughs)

you are way inferior in this position.

Oour perfect asses make you drool in excitement, once again.

I speak mostly Enlgish but some Spanish senences to communicate with her.


Nella y Reina caminan haciea el sofa para empezar un festin en el sofá que jamás olvidaras.

Estan listas para enseñar su lado pícaro y un tanto perverso pero siempre divirtiéndose mucho. Sonriendo y riendonos de tí por supuesto.

Tenemos planes de sentarnos en tu cara despues de  que lamas ocmo un perro nuestras botas.

Tenemos tanto encanto que caeras atrapado  por la nube de humo paralizante que Nella exhala por su bella boca.

Hablo en inglés y en Español para dirigirme a Ella.

  249 MB
MP4 HD 1080


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