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Category: CBT


After two days in that cage you have been released to lick these soles and also entertain your wonderful Reinas. The idea is to play an interactive game where you have some clothes pins with you and you we will put each time an specific amount of them. wheneever they are placed where they are […]



  Happy sunday camera man !!! It is time to playw ith you, and for this we have made our minds and we will play with you. The game consists in the following. can you oguess how high are our boots. The are covered by leather trousers but we are sure you can use your […]



First Scene :¬† Nella Shine and Reina leather eat a bag of platanitos, fried platains¬† in front of the camera. They are salty, sour and very spicy, but they like it. Watch how the mouch and taste them. Nella and Reina are feeling evil today and they obviously will use you to have even more […]


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