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  Happy sunday camera man !!! It is time to playw ith you, and for this we have made our minds and we will play with you. The game consists in the following. can you oguess how high are our boots. The are covered by leather trousers but we are sure you can use your wisom and try to guess. It seems you are been distracted by everything else . and you cant really concentrate on the matter. So I bring My leash and I place it around your neck, Isabella helps Me by ball gagging you and it really makes us giggle. you watch us wear our leather gloves, oh you like them so much! We know it ! Well get ready because we have some clothes pins, wooden ones of course, and we will place them one by one on your bare skin. And to please mys adistic desire Ill remove them by slapping each one until they are all down. will it hurt ? yes but who cares ?   07:40 222 MB MP4 HD 1080

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