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Double Domination : 4 boots


This is the perfect scenario where 2 friends fill of energy and power decide to make you part of them, like a belonging gagged, leashed and in chastity. They find out you melt weak for powerful woman so they do take over you just for fun, for pure fun and pleasure. They tease you the whole time by making you drool in fornt of their shiny boots and tight shaped bottoms. YOU TRULY DROOL AS THE BALL GAG DOEST LET YOU SWALLOW YOUR SALIVA ! They do know how to make you wild and desperate, unfortunetly you watch them leave as you stay in the room while they go out to party hard with freinds. you will wait for them patiently trying to imagine the whole time what will come next. what will they do to you when they are back ?   We speak English and some spanish !   13:39 353 MB MP4 HD 1080

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