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Tag: Spanish language

The BoootinglishclassSHOP

GOOD MORNING STUDENTS!!! This is a boot English class, the first one and the best one for Isabella . sit down on the floor, pay attention as the teacher, Mistress Reina get on the sexiest topic . Later onĀ  you will learn how to use your tongue, for worshiping purposes because the class gets so […]



  we meet at the studio, happy and relaxed wearing a body suit. Eachof us fetch for some leather and the party begins when we show all our viewers how to wear a perfect leather outfit. We add layer after layer beginning for our sexy leather pants, a leather jacket, leather coat and gloves ! […]



  Reina and Isabella arrive to the park in regular shoes and decide to cahnge them at the beautiful park. A beautiful day and a beautiful video to celebrate spring. The world is ours ! A perfect day to admire for an improvised a long leather coat fashion show near the pond at the park. […]


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