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Tag: Boot domination

red & green light 400 gif

Dressed like this today for a especial ocassion. Pay close attention because today I have something different. This is a fun game , its the typical JOI red light, and green light game. Its easy ,when you hear the “green light ”¬†you are alowed to pleasure yourself with dtroking movements, slowly in a very pelasurable […]


Boot tangled 400 gif

This is a boot over boot video mainly, its a purist humping video for boot fans It all starts when I have Mia sitting over my lap, petting and showing my affection. I caress her all over her thighs and then sudendly our boots are one over the other. This moment triggers everything else. We […]


Lady Gangster 400 gif

Lady Gangster is the matriarch in perfect outfit. She comes in walking into the room, drenched in full mafia black leather. She struts in with a long cane, walking around and looking very cross. She is angry at you for not behaving. She whips the cane a few times and sits down with her legs […]


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