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Lady Gangster


Lady Gangster is the matriarch in perfect outfit. She comes in walking into the room, drenched in full mafia black leather. She struts in with a long cane, walking around and looking very cross. She is angry at you for not behaving. She whips the cane a few times and sits down with her legs crossed. After she sits down, she rubs on her leather clothes, in an attempt to get you into submission. Reina makes various hypnotising and humiliating commands, telling you that she is extremely powerful and authoritative and that her clothes are evidence of it. She catches you trying to look up her boots, but then she catches you and whips you for daring to look. She punishes you badly for daring to do such a thing by asking you to bow down and stroke her leather. After she's done with that, she stands up again and leaves, not without a few whips on her cane.   16:00 320 MB MP4 HD 1080

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