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Cigarrillo Frenesí



Nella shine surprises us by asking you for your attention and smoking in front of you those cigarttes, she knows you want to see her smoke.

Ont he first scene we see her with her leather coat and sits with you in front of you wearing first one leather glove teasing your senses iwth it. Later Finally the moment comes and she lights up her white long vogue cigarettes. Nella kisses it, wraps it with her juicy lips and inhaling the lovely nicotine. she speaks about how much you love to see her doing it, and that she understand how you function, and she enjoys each moment more and more.

The transparent dress, shapes her body in a such a way that makes you sigh deeply falling for her.

Her gloves touch her body and hides her crotch(partially). she says you don’t deserve to see everything.

The video ends as she makes a countdown for you and lets you orgasm on her gloved hands.



Nella shine nos sorprende con este video y clama tu atención al aparecer con su abrigo de cuero de espaldas a la cámara. Empieza a ponerse un guante, bien ajustado a su mano, y que poco a poco te introduce en su mundo de sensualidad. Enciende su cigarrillo y lo besa, lo hace suyo con sus labios reciend pintados.Tú la miras y te encanta. ELLA LO SABE Y HABLA SOBRE ELLO !!

Te tienta tocandose su cuerpo y justo entre sus piernas, tapa parciamente, ya que no cree que lo mereces todo.

El video termina tú acabando, al sonido de su cuenta regresiva sobre su mano deliciosamente arropada en sus guantes de cuero.


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MP4 HD 1080


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