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Category: Smoking


  After my a smoking session I go for my break and leave you tied and cuffed to the chair, and when I come back I want you prepared for a smoking fun. you stay helpless and feeling shaky and full of desire waiting patiently for me. I choose a cigarette and let you help […]



Nella shine surprises us by asking you for your attention and smoking in front of you those cigarttes, she knows you want to see her smoke. Ont he first scene we see her with her leather coat and sits with you in front of you wearing first one leather glove teasing your senses iwth it. […]



you were previously asked to bring step auties favourite slim white cigarettes and here you are witht he commanded task. The evening has started very well. We slowly remove a white slim La Vogue cigarette and Step Auntie places it in her mouth. We make sure you are close enough to see her delioucs lips […]


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