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Smoking hot Mistress


  After my a smoking session I go for my break and leave you tied and cuffed to the chair, and when I come back I want you prepared for a smoking fun. you stay helpless and feeling shaky and full of desire waiting patiently for me. I choose a cigarette and let you help me light it up. your eyes go directly to the boots, to the bare skin and my short skirt. you see how I wrap my lips around that white cigarette, and you moan, you truly love it. you grow in admiration and then become my personal ashtray so open wide and wait fo r the crunchy ashes to end in your tongue. When I finish My cigarette I turn it off ont he sole of my boot and leave the cigarette butt on the floor for you to enjoy it, a perfect meal.   14:21 338 MB MP4 HD 1080

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