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Total Black boot countdown



She is modelling her boots, a thick layer of leather is covering her body and her maxi skirt make you drool as you see her walk back and forth in front of yoru eyes.

she has that crop in the hand, the one she uses to pull her skirt up and get your attention . the one she uses to pull the skirt up.

This is a POV VIDEO !!!

” would you like to see more ?


“well no”

you try to imagine how long are her boots, but you can jsut hope they are crotch high to lose yourself in the darkness between her boots.

she palys a sensual game where everytime you are near discovering how high her boots are, she pulls the skirt down.

It is a long skirt. Those are long boots.

you wish you could be under her skirt the whole time and smell her aroma, her sweet aroma of leather and woman power, all together.

she finshes the game by counting for you, which you will need to follow and follw her silent command.

247 MB
MP4 HD 1080


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