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Suck on these sweaty socks


GREAT NEWS ! We HAVE BEEN SHOPPING AGAIN TODAY¬†! INSIDE THESE BOOTS THERE ARE TASTY DOUBLE PAIRS OF SOCKS FOR YOU, only for you to smell and taste ! Let's begin by teasing and showing you the booties, the ankle boots we are wearing today, the steamy feet are dying to be relieved and pampered by you.   Get comfortable, get of the floor and look how long that heel is. No we pull the zipper down, slowly and delicately to make sure you hear it, and anticipate it. whats coming its BIG ! Finally they are there the tube socks you like, and then there is that wiggle of the soles and toes. Now Ill shove your face agains her bottom and you will smell all the way to her soles. The aroma aof our pants mixed with the foot scent drives you crazy making you want more. This video ends as we give you a gloved hands count back in spanish and english with our naked feet in fornt of your face...   11:30 255 MB MP4 HD 1080

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