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Category: feet fetish

Pamper my feetsocks 400 gif

The whole day walking in these boots gorgeous ones and inside there is a  hidden treasure . My tight colombian jeans high light my curves and Ill them the best way possible to awake your passion . I pull down the zipper of these boots, one by one , letting you see anticipate the cotton […]


Oily foot massage 400 gif

We are ready and dressed in leather to spend the afternoon with you following this special tutorial. A room full of leather and feet what else do you need? Correct! worship iur feet and not only that but Ii will teach you the perfect way to do an oily foot massage. Watch the wrinkles move […]



  After some time wearing socks and boots (3:oo minutes) she unzipps her leather boots and then remove the white tube socks. She wiggle her feet over the stool right in fornt of your nose. you open  your eyes in excitement open wide, untoll the expercted moment arrives. One of cotton socks come off, slowly […]


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