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Strict ball kicker


  You've blackmailed me into becoming Your Puppy Slave to educate, humiliate and punish me so I can become the best servant that You need. In the custom clip, I've already been locked in chastity for 1 year and You always manipulate me to do everything You want from me by promise me to reward me with releasing me out of chastity to hump Your boots again. I abondend my friends because You ordered me to, I left my home just to live in Your office in the school in a cage so I can serve You everyday. I have to clean all Your boots and high heels, endure humiliation tasks so You can film me and make money of me in the internet and so on. This day, You finally release me out of chastity and allow me to worship Your boots. You let me lick them clean and after a while You also let me hump Your boots again as well because You know that I would do anything to do that but of course, there is a hook. You don't want me to enjoy it to much so You order me to stop humping Your boots and spread my legs, so You begin to kick me in my balls again, just like the in the first custom clip. You laugh and make it clear to me, that if I want to go on humping Your boots, I have to take every thirty seconds 5 kicks in the balls. I can't resist and agree so we repeat that ballbusting and humping again and again. I mourn because of pain and pleasure of the same time. You than order me to get ready to cum and start a countdown. If I fail to cum on Your boots when the countdown is over, You swear to make me regret it. When You reach number one I'm ready to explode but than You pull Your legs away and start kicking me in the balls again so You ruin my orgsam. Even after a year of obidience and loyalty, You wont let me have a real orgasm. You can't stop making fun of me and laugh at my painful shaped face. All the cum is now on Your boots and of course You order me to clean them.   15:36 324 MB MP4 HD 1080

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