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Stranger becomes boot licker


I walk around the park searching for new victims , new flesh for my group of boot slaves. A harem. i see you looking at me and a simple look is enough, thats all I need to know you are interested in me. I approach and thats the end for you. Its the beginning  of the fun for me where I show you my powerful self and leather boots, your weakness. A midi leather skirt in the most smooth  and a leather coat is the perfect complement . If you want to be with me, you need to lick these dirty soles. They are full of mud and  twist that tongue around  my heel.Suck on it like there is no tomorrow until they are  in mint conditions. Make them clean , make them shine jsut like I deserve it. #heelsinmud #kneeboots #leatherskirt #leathershortcoat #bootlicker #feltichedebotas

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