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Tag: Outdoors


  Reina and Isabella arrive to the park in regular shoes and decide to cahnge them at the beautiful park. A beautiful day and a beautiful video to celebrate spring. The world is ours ! A perfect day to admire for an improvised a long leather coat fashion show near the pond at the park. […]



This is a video where Isabella walks from her ho use to the park she walks tthru the street, in boots very tight colombian jeans, a shiny big pruse. you will se different angles of her walk and at the end she wears a very well worn leather coat that she is selling. JEANS AND […]



The world is Mine and Nella today and nothing better to celebrate the festivities but dp a fashion pasarella outdoors. A complete black outfit under the pretty blue sky and sun. It is simply a nice talent demsotration, showing off our outfits, it has different angles but you are always there kneeling for Me. The […]


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