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Socks Bitch


IT IS A DAY FULL OF SUPRISES ! First check out the lovely first you get to see us wear  2 pair of gloves, tor emove our shoes, under our pants and then let you smell them. We wiggle our gloved hands inside the pockets and feel our bodies in them. These leather trousers are the best ever! what are they hidding?   Feel that warm aroma inside , super sweaty after some hours working . After showing your our powerful bodies wrapped in leather we pull the zipper of our ankle boots slowly to let you endulge deeper and deeper into trance. We know very well how bad you want to  bury your face in the soles . thres osme much you would love to do, oh yes we know you well. The shap heels are a dangerous,  and when the heeled leahter boots come off you moan in desire. you want more, don´t you? you are able to see Isabellas wrinkled feet and I tease you even more with a doublepair of cottton white ones. have you made your mind what you like better? BARE SOLES OR SWEATY SOCKS? I think you prefer the smell of sweaty socks, sock bitch!     12:17 242 MB MP4 HD 1080

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