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Category: Socks

Pamper my feetsocks 400 gif

The whole day walking in these boots gorgeous ones and inside there is a  hidden treasure . My tight colombian jeans high light my curves and Ill them the best way possible to awake your passion . I pull down the zipper of these boots, one by one , letting you see anticipate the cotton […]



It is time for your portion of succulent  sock feast. Removing our boots will make your day even better. This video contains  a slowly boot removal and later on a sniffing  meal,perfect for your senses. First Scene : Feel the beats with this video where I you as a sock and pants lover will enjoy […]


portada-basica (3)

A perfect day to guess whats the game today. A seductive pack, leather pants which  they will use to tease and remove your will, exposing them right in front of your nose. you will see very angle, every stitch and you will catch the moment when the gloved hands reach those pockets. We playw ith […]


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