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Sock Sniffing Gourmet


It is time for your portion of succulent sock feast. Removing our boots will make your day even more better. This video contains a slowly boot removal and later on a sniffing meal, perfect for your senses. First Scene : Feel the beats with this video where I you as a sock and pants lover will enjoy pure pleasure as Isa and Reina Leather sitting with legs extended showing  leather boots. We remove our ankle boots to let you see them from a far, zipping the boots slowly.   Second Scene : Now that the ankle and knee high boots are off, its time for you to sit closely towards us and feel our feet covered in rich cotton smelly socks. Our faces glow in laughter and we give you more and more of our sexy leather. Like leather jeans and its pocket sform behind We turn around letting you smell our leather pants and she touches My pockets and inserts her hand. Getting ideas Real leather pants on both of Us.   Third Scene : Get ready to lick, to be teased big time as We have fun with you and we finish you off with a nice bilingual countback as we reveal our precious feet.   12:07 356 MB MP4 HD 1080

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