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Satin femme fatale prepares your pet food


This femme fatale has you following her like a pet all day long. she caught your attention since the moment you saw her. Her sun glasses and her shiny satin trench coat has you wondering who she is. Is she the woman of your dreams ? Is she the one you have been looking for ? Is she the owner you have asked the universe for so long ? she lets you enter her house and first of all she let syou explore the amazing view of her shoe ware : a fantastic black leather knee high boots. the nylons just high light her legs with even more charm and elegance. she is playful but mean, you love it. she is mysterious and teasing, her eyes hide her demanding brown eyes. oh you wish you could see them! she starts a playful game where you are condemed to lose.who wouldn lose a game to make her feel happy ? you swallow your saliva, which is almost falling on the floor. she continues and lets you see, thru the slit of her coat her pantyhosed curves. you sweat. you wish you hadnt see ! If she lets you you need to watch. she goes on. she attracts your attention, your desire, your will and all your senses and finally you drop on the floor.   9:27 474 MB MP4 HD 1080

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