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PVC workship


The pvc pants and shiny coat have been the maximum of your fetishes, and we know it. There is a tigh bond between the texture, and you. We know this and for that We wanted to film this video to test a bit your senses. Instructions : sit still on a chair and watch the video till the end. Everytime you hear a snap of the fingers, a moan or a sound of the textures, or zipper then you have to kiss the screen. Every sound gets worshipped. Every single one. The video starts with a woman walking in ankle boots, pvc pants, and your POV is right at the bottom. She sits down and remove her shoes just to tempt you and show you her manicured toes with their perfect shape and simulates a stroke between her toes. After somem inutes she puts the heels back to continue her teasing. she calls you once in a while to catch your attention. Even more. Then she continues until the moment she leaves, letting you with a m ind blowing image in your head.
  9:05 336 MB MP4 HD 1080

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