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Worship my leathers : 3 leather coats


  Good Morning my dearest employee. Today the course of your life will change because I will show you how things will change in the office. I lead you inthis new path were you will need to kiss my gloved hands everyday. I know you have an obsession for me, for your beautiful boss. Move forward, come closer to me, kiis and then you may move back, good boy. Now since we make a good union together, I want  your opinion on which leather coat suits me better. This red leather coat is perfect for kissing, so kiss it ! Right there, NEXT there is another leather coat in black and then another one one. I ned up with 3 layers of leather. At the end of the video I ask you to imagine how I squeeze all your jizz as I show you my gloved hands. I send you to the floor and command you to orgasm for me. This is a POV VIDEO, where you see me wearing 3 different leather coats, a skirt, a leather jacket, some leather gloves an a constant smile. Perfect for leather fetishists, office domination (light) and lots of seduction form your boss.   12:17 242 MB MP4 HD 1080

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