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Category: Boss/Employee


  Good Morning my dearest employee. Today the course of your life will change because I will show you how things will change in the office. I lead you inthis new path were you will need to kiss my gloved hands everyday. I know you have an obsession for me, for your beautiful boss. Move […]


CEO of your life (gif)

Holidays are approaching and I have adked all the team to write a list of wishes. your Boss will change your priorities becasue She sure has other plans for you. Why would you want a new game when you can have Her in fron of you dangling Her pumps as She changes to a pair […]


The dangling boss gif (2)

Monday. A brand new day. A substitute boss. Pretty, grea shaped legs. you see her Dangling. she posses you with her foot aroma. she wins a mind fucked servant. Its your end.   9 minutes 290 MB MP4 HD 1080


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