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Just imagine having one of your family members becoming the CEO of the company you work, imagine having Her supervising every single movement and when you make,( and you will make a mistake, you know it )you pay it very high painful price.
The matriarch is the law now, She decides how to handle the business and you have done a terrible job at the warehouse. It was your responsability and now She will need to use less orthordox methods.
The same cage that you forgot to fill with recycled paper, will be used to put you into a improvised jail. She will keep you for the rest of your worthless life inside, feeding you her dirt from the boots and her tasty saliva.Thank Her ! Thank The all might Matriarch who will now control your lifei in your reduced in you 2 by 2 cubic meters, your new home.
The whip, a collar and the leash will instruct you the new rules and will guide your to correct your mistakes. The cage will teach you the importance of working productively for your family business.

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