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Madame teacher : lick My boots


  Class number one. you watch me arrive and the only thing you see is the chair. I walk and you watch me enter, anticipated by the sound of My boots on the wooden floor There I am, with that wide long skirt walking and you cant believe i will be your first boot lesson with Me. I sit down and I explain how everything works, that the cropw ill guide the way, and you should follow. My tone is sweet but firm, you know exactly you must do to keep Me happy. yu see the boots under the skirt and that long coat that really triggers your passion, your hidden submissiveness. I will be so happy, My good boy to be your guide and boot teacher, because you are worth My time. If you are a good students, I will let you come next class, if not, perhaps the crop will sting you. you get to see the boots in different angles in close up snad longer shots. It will be all very amazing, and basically a boot dream coming true.   14:33 260 MB MP4 HD 1080

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