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Lessons for a Chronic wanker



This video starts as Nella Shine surprises Me showing Me what she is wearing underneather her short skirt dress.

After all our hot talk she has felt aroused and a massive arousal has showed up. Very hard. A big hard cock comes out from her tiny dress and it gets the atmosphere very hot.

After watching it I get hard too and My mega cock comes out. Both sit down and show you, as you drool in fornt of us to cope with what is happening.

We kindlyi nvite you to wank with us! Yes come and wnak with us! a threesome of pleasure.

3 cocks, in one place.

We then stand up and tell you how we will cum on your face and how your bitch mouth hole will be Mine.

The whole time you can see our cocks, pantyhose and leather of course.

we will make you a chronic wanker, obsessed with us and you will want more and more.


This is a strap on domination video do not buy it if you are not into HOT BIG BLACK COCKS who want hot cum in your face.

308 MB
MP4 HD 1080


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