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wellies frenzy 400 gif

These shiny boots  need more polishing, so I need you here, right here. Get ready to do the job you love the most, the one you desire with all your heart.I move the ankles, see? To let them catch more light. I know its your weakness boy. I really know it. Oper wide and offer […]



Trying out aprons, the different ones we have is amazing : different shiny colourful shades. They are long and dominant shape finishing with those incredible glossy wellies boots. We have the time of our lives as we try them on, touch caress each other´s apron and cherish each second. These aprons will only march good […]



Isabella enters to the scene wearing her tight leggins in simili cuir, so tight and shiny as always. she walks in her high heels, brand new and starts a dangling teasing to catch your attention and then contiue with her sensual game until you can’t resist. she changes her jacket and chooses the one that […]


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