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Leggins and high heels fixation



Isabella enters to the scene wearing her tight leggins in simili cuir, so tight and shiny as always.

she walks in her high heels, brand new and starts a dangling teasing to catch your attention and then contiue with her sensual game until you can’t resist.

she changes her jacket and chooses the one that feels better, the black leather one, which is your favourite too.

when she sits down she continues dangling her high heels to play more with your fetish mind and then you give in. She teases againf or some time until she decides to give you a gloved count down so you can orgasm.


Isabella entra a escena caminando con sus leggins, los tacones que te gustan y se cambia de chaqueta para que le ayudes a decidir que ponerse.

Al final elegís la negra y corta. Sus tacones step-son impecables y ella sabe hustamente como hacerte caer en su juego de seducción y si que lo hace muy bien !

El video termina cuando te hace un conteo regresivo para que te corras.

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MP4 HD 1080


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