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Hunter session pleasure and pain


The scene starts where Mia is in a room on her knees and she is facing somewhat sideways as the pic below. She is cleaning Reina's Hunters with a white cloth. She takes great pride in cleaning her masters Hunters. Additionally, it turns her on. She worships her master's boots by putting her hand in one of the boots and starts to pleasuring her cock. She also caresses her body and the side of her face with them. Mia briefly stops pleasuring herself looks at the camera and says, "Your fantasy is now mine. It belongs to me...". This comment is obviously directed to me.  She then continues to pleasure herself with the Hunters. While she is doing this, her master enters the room. You can see Reina enter from the background while Mia is in the foreground. Reina notices Mia pleasuring herself with her boots. This does not make Reina happy. Reina says, "I asked you to clean them, not to play with them .... Are they ready for me?". Mia says "Yes master". While Mia is still on her knees, with great care, she helps her master slide her Hunters on her feet. Reina says, "Where is my riding crop?". The crop is beside Mia on the ground. Mia picks it up and holds it horizontally in the palms of both of her hands. She gives the crop a kiss and then presents it to her master. Reina then says "Kiss my boots on the top of my feet.". Mia gives each boot a single kiss. Mia still on her knees and Reina is now facing her, standing over her. Reina tilts Mia's chin up so she can directly look into the eyes of Mia.  Reina says, "You are here to experience your ultimate fantasy. With pleasure, there must be some pain. Are you ready for this?". Mia says "Yes master". While still facing Mia, Reina uses her foot to play with Mia's cock. She moves it around a bit and carefully nudges it. Reina asks Mia to hold her cock upwards using her hand and jerk. Reina proceeds to give a series of light kicks to Mia's balls with the top of her foot. 25:50 minutes 611 MB MP4 HD 1080

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